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Festival Celebration
  • National Festivals:- 15th August, 26th January,Gandhi Jayanti , Ambedkar Jayanti etc.

  • Religious Festivals :- Guari Vrat, Janmasthmi, Rakshabandhan, Navratri, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivratri, Christmas etc.

  • Worlds AIDS Day, Tree Plantation Day, Teachers Day, Childrens Day, Anand Mela, Bunyadi Saptah, Gandhi Saptah, Women's Awareness etc.

Cultural Programs
  • Raas, Lok Nrutya, Garba, Mimicry, Solo, Mime etc.

  • Essay Competition, Debate, Fancy Dress, Sports.

  • Bhawai, Singing Competition etc are organised according to the festival.

Social Programs
  • Gram Safaiee, Sheri Natak

  • Kanya Kelavni, Kanya Shaksharta

  • Programs are organized to make people aware about blind faith, superstitions, evil customs, Female Infanticide, Child's Health Care etc.

  • Programs are organized to maintain the cleanliness of surroundings of Wells and Hand pumps..

  • To build garbage dumps and build boundary for trees.

  • Prathnasabha performs functions such as making hoardings, posters etc and even processions are organized.

Tours & Educational Programs
  • Educational tours are organized to places of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan etc

  • Also to other places such as Machan Dam, Kadana Dam, Akshar Dham, mahudi, Chosala, Kedarnath, Vidhansabha Gruh, Science City etc.

  • Teacher's Day is celebrated by the students of First and Second Year

  • Tree Plantation Days is observed to foster the feeling of "Green Earth".

  • Camps are organized for the Women's awareness.